Hook in2 Hockey


Program Details 

The Hook in2 Hockey program is for young children up to 10 years old wishing to start playing hockey and teaches them fundamental skills of the game. 

The program involves 6 skills sessions (run over 6 weeks) followed 14 weeks of modified games (playing according to their age group - U5's, U7's and U9's.)

The 2019 season Starts Saturday 16 March 2019 from 8:45am - 10am


Please note that All Under 5's should be on the Hybrid Field (T2) each week.  Under 7's and 9's will alternate games between the Waterbase (T1) and the Grass Fields.




IF YOU WOULD LIKE AN EQUIPMENT PACK (choice of 3): a one-off payment of $85 (paid online at the time of registration) for the entire program which covers registration, insurance and includes an equipment pack PLUS Easts fee of $10 – CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR THIS OPTION


IF YOU DO NOT WANT AN EQUIPMENT PACK: Registration & Insurance & Club Fee - Under 10's $40, Under 9's $25 (paid direct to HQ) PLUS the IHA fee of $30 and EASTS fee of $10.Total cost: $80 for the entire season for Under 10's and $65 for Under 9's – CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR THIS OPTION 

$10 Club Registration fee on top of the advertised cost for Hook in2 Hockey  is to cover basic costs to run the club including the text messages sent weekly to all Hook in2 Hockey families and the end of season break up)



Playing Shirt (Provided By Easts) - Compulsory Uniform - This shirt is then your'se to keep, it does not need to be returned to the club

Black Shorts/ Skirts (BYO or Easts can get you some) - Compulsory Uniform

Socks - Cost $5- Compulsory Uniform

Bucket Hat/ Visors - $15  - Non Compulsory Uniform, but great for Sun Safety.  These hats have a Toggle to secure them to the head.


2019 Hook in2 Hockey Program Dates and Welcome Information - this will be uploaded as soon as it is made available from Ipswich Hockey

This document contains information relevant to Hook in2 Hockey families including Program Date and Functions (including our Dress Up Day and Carnival/ Presentation Day) as well as other useful information such as the Regional Coaching directors contact details and information about Ipswich Hockey. The Coffee Van will be back again this year from 8:30 -11am and Breakfast will be able to be purchased from 8-10 starting week 2.


Hook in2 Hockey Field Layout for 2019 - will be uploaded soon

Field Layout for 2019 season can be downloaded from above - when you recieve your text message it will now advise you what field letter you will be playing on.


The natural progression from Hook in2 Hockey is into the Under 11's competition (E Grade) which is gender specific.  This can be done from any age from 7 and older.