Club Values

Goals, Values and Principles

Eastern Suburbs Hockey Club is committed to fostering hockey excellence within the Ipswich community by:

o Valuing people and past performance

o Providing family orientated activities

o Promoting fun, health, team values

o Providing opportunities for personal development, including developing social and communication skills of members

o Encouraging and promoting representative opportunities at all levels and for all members


The specific goals on which we will focus are:

1. To promote the Club and increase membership and support for its activities.

2. To be committed to the ongoing development of hockey at all levels in the Club.

3. To promote an approach which attracts and retains players and supporters.

4. To provide a range of opportunities which encourage the development and provide social activities for members and supporters.

5. To maintain and strengthen the Club’s financial position.

6. To be recognised as a professional and well managed Club.

7. To strengthen relationships with Ipswich Hockey Association and other sporting clubs and associations.